Our Apps

We're working on several data projects within the Lab. A few have be shared below. For more information, please contact us.



Lighthouse focuses on solving a problem that affects 20 million students attending educational institutions in the US, UK and Canada. Reporting assault/harassment within a school should be standardized and the data collected in a way that can predict future behaviors. Lighthouse is a data driven model that aggregates behaviors to assist administrators on policy. The technology provides anonymity, security, escalation and integrated communication with relevant stakeholders. This application is currently utilized on K-12 and college campuses.

In The Lab (K-12)

Some of the products and platforms we're discussing with stakeholders. They are not currently named.


Math Practice

4th Grade math games that supplement teacher lessons.


K-8 Reading

Centralize & promote reading by integrating teacher lists, badges and page progress.


Live Assessment

Live classroom assessment after each lesson.



Student check-in/out from buildings, classrooms, events using biometric apps.


College Application

Replacing the college application with a student life timeline of accomplishments.


Skill Match

Assessment tool that matches student talent with career path options. The path would change as timeline of accomplishments is updated.


Diabetes Tracker

Track student activities, meals, sleep and medication for changes. Health provider is linked in with student progress.